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Sermon Notes

            **Sunday teaching – part 2**
            At the beginning of times, there was chaos and darkness. But it says that the Spirit hovered over the waters. Right before the world came to be, there were Spirit and water. The Spirit – ‘ruach’ in Hebrew, meaning breath, wind – was the starting point of that newly created world and all its natural elements. In John 3:1-5 (thousands of years later), Jesus tells that man, Nicodemus, that only through water and Spirit will humans be able to find a new beginning in life, a new creation and access to the Kingdom. This is a journey from darkness and chaos to a place of peace. Can you see that Jesus is not teaching about going to heaven after one’s death? He’s talking about a new life here and now, as a reborn from the Holy Spirit. Well, this is part of my sermon this coming Sunday!