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The Kuranko in Guinea – June 12th

Joshua Project, June 10th, 2024

The Kuranko are a branch of the Malinke tribe that immigrated into Sierra Leone from Guinea. They occupy a large area in both northern Sierra Leone and southern Guinea. Different groupings within the Kuranko people each have their own chiefs, traditions and heritage. Some are hunters, some are warriors, and some are traders. Some are pagan, while others follow Islamic belief. The region where they live lacks adequate road systems and is not easily accessible, leaving the Kuranko socially isolated.

Some Kuranko believe that in the forests, rivers and mountains live quasi-human beings known as Nyenne. It is believed that the Nyenne can make women barren, cause insanity, and cause farming accidents. However, Nyenne can sometimes be friendly, bringing good fortune.

The Kuranko people live in remote parts of Sierra Leone and Guinea, and access to them is somewhat difficult.

The full Bible is now available in the Kuranko language, and there are a number of good resources such as the JESUS Film. However, workers are needed to carry these to the Kuranko people, answer their questions, and assist in the planting of additional churches.

There are a number of individuals in this people group who identify themselves as Christians, but they almost certainly need mature Christians to disciple them. Pray for the Kuranko to be completely set free from belief systems that deny them new life in Christ.