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3 Christian Children orphaned in Laos – May 4th 2022

Voice of the Martyrs, 28 April 2022

On February 13, a Christian named Nin died, leaving behind two daughters, Neung and Nom, and a son, Ram.  Since 2009, the three teenagers also lost their mother, a sister and their grandmother, all of whom were believers.

After Nin’s death, his older brother and sister-in-law blamed the deaths on the family’s belief in God.  They offered to care for the teens only if they rejected Christ.

The teens refused, saying they could never reject Jesus.  Angered by their decision, the uncle said he wouldn’t care for them.  Nom, 16, and Ram, 13, moved in with their pastor’s family.

Neung has graduated high school and lives on her own.

Pray for the 3 teenagers to remain firm in their faith and ask God to provide for their needs.  Pray the Holy Spirit convicts their uncle and aunt and leads them to Christ.

The Communist government, in conjunction with Buddhist monks, persecutes Christians, with the exception of the government-controlled Lao Evangelical Church.

Poverty, lack of infrastructure and mountainous terrain make evangelistic outreach challenging.  Thanks to bold evangelists, churches continue to grow even as they experience ongoing persecution.