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5 Christians Drowned in Uganda – September 14th 2022

Morning Star News, 8 September 2022 (excerpts)

Muslim extremists killed 5 Christian workers by throwing them off a boat into Uganda’s Lake Kyoga.

The evangelists were traveling on a commercial transport boat with plans to plant a church in the Aduku area, a Christian survivor of the attack told Morning Star News.

The survivor, Amos Kyakulaga, who was acting as a guide, said the five evangelists began proclaiming Christ to a group of 10 Muslims in Islamic attire aboard the boat.

“On our way, Tonny Ankunda started preaching to the people on the boat, which resulted in a huge argument between Muslims and the missionaries concerning the Sonship of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

One of the Muslims, identified only as Bashir, threatened the Christians, saying, “If you continue insisting that Jesus is the Son of God, then Allah will kill all of you.”

Citing Scripture, the evangelists continued affirming the sonship of Christ and Bashir told them, “We are giving you one last minute to stop your blasphemy and to convert by confessing the shahada (Islamic creed), or else your lives are at risk.”

When the 5 evangelists refused to renounce Christ, the Muslims pushed them off the boat one by one, Kyakulaga said.  While the lake is only 4 to 5.7 meters deep, they were 200 meters from shore, and all five Christians drowned.

The 10 Muslims aboard were in agreement that the Christians should be killed.

The Muslims asked him if he was one of the missionaries, sparing him when he said he was not part of the church-planting team.