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Afghan Christians Need Protection, Provision – December 21st 2022

Voice of the Martyrs, 10 November 2022 (excerpts)

“The crisis in Afghanistan is not over,” said one Afghan Christian leader recently.  Afghan believers who have fled Taliban rule mostly live in refugee camps in nearby nations.  With little to do, many feel isolated and depressed.  

Christians who have stayed request prayers for protection and that God will raise up new leaders within the country to help disciple young believers and those who have recently come to faith, mostly through online ministry efforts.  With winter approaching, as many as 18 million people are reported to face acute food insecurity.

The good news of Christ reached Afghanistan by the second century, but today there are no church buildings.  Cultural and religious opposition remain great challenges for all missions efforts in this Central Asian nation.  And sadly, most Afghans have never heard the gospel, do not know a Christian and have been indoctrinated to follow Muhammad’s teachings without question.  

Radical Islam and violent tribal political activity make the nation a difficult and dangerous place for Christians to practice their faith.  But there is a special unity among Christians labouring for the gospel in Afghanistan.  Indigenous, near-culture and expatriate believers are taking risks and using every opportunity to help believers grow in faith and connect with local house churches.  

While church growth has been slow among the more than 40 unique people groups, significant Christian growth has occurred among the Hazara people, and members of other people groups are also coming to know Christ.