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Agariya in India – May 17th

Joshua Project, 15 May 2023

One of the nine Munda-Santal tribes, the Agariya have worked with furnaces as iron-smelters for generations.  Much of their more recent history has been greatly influenced by British colonialism.  Today the Agariyas continue to work with metal.  They manufacture agricultural tools such as axes, ploughshares and sickles.  Only ten percent are literate, however that number has increased with more focus on education and beneficial programs.

Hinduism is the official religion of the Agariyas, and Dulha Deo is the family god.  Their religion is often a big part of their lives, and they may not be interested in new ideas and change.

Sending outreach teams to the Agariyas could be a possible way to help them understand the gospel.  Efforts by the church to stop economic exploitation might go a long way towards helping them see the work of Christ’s hands.

Pray that many family leaders from this people group will understand that their people are sinful just like the Israelis, and that they need to seek the Lord for forgiveness.

Pray for a church movement to grow among them and for their spiritual needs to be met and fulfilled.  Pray that they would find people who want to listen and spread God’s word through communities.  Pray education would be elevated among the Agariyas and that children would have access to all they need to thrive in India’s modernizing economy.  Pray they would have their medical and educational needs met.