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Attacked Christian Nurse Charged with Blasphemy – February 3rd 2021

Morning Star News, 29 January 2021

Police in Pakistan who had dismissed accusations of blasphemy against a Christian nurse who was attacked by hospital personnel registered a case against her today after pressure from an Islamist mob.

Staff members of the hospital in Karachi slapped, beat and locked nurse Tabeeta Nazir Gill, 42, in a room after baselessly accusing her of blaspheming Islam.

Police had questioned and released Nazir Gill after concluding that the accusations were false, but a Muslim mob besieged the police station today after the complainant, Saba Wasi, called on Muslim leaders to mobilize them.

Wasi alleges in the complaint that Nazir Gill said that only Jesus is the true Saviour and that Muhammad has no relevance.

“Fortunately, someone called the police, and they promptly arrived on the scene and saved her life,” said Pastor Eric Sahotra, who was among the first to reach the police station.