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Attacks on Churches in Nepal – June 06th 2018

Morning Star News, May 21, 2018

Christians in Nepal are alarmed after this month’s sudden series of arson and bomb attacks on four church buildings. 

Christian leaders in Nepal suspect a coordinated campaign by Hindu extremists.

Police have not made any arrests.  One church leader suspects officials have told police “to not carry out arrests in these cases”.  Another leader said it was obvious that these attacks “are performed by people who are in a network and are well connected to each other.”

Recently a social media movement against Christians “has gathered a lot of support from the Nepali masses.  Attacks … are well-planned and coordinated against the Christian community … the government is doing nothing about this.”

Christian leaders share the view that the rise in attacks against Christians is influenced by the recent rise of anti-Christian policies and hostilities in India.

At the same time, six Christians were arrested for evangelizing.  Evangelizing is prohibited under Nepal’s new constitution which establishes Nepal as a secular and democratic republic.  The constitution seems to protect Hinduism over and against other faiths however.