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Baghdad Christian doctor and family murdered

Barnabas Fund, 14 March 2018

Three members of a Christian family were stabbed to death in Baghdad, on the evening of 8th March 2018.

Dr Hisham al-Maskuni (61), his wife Shaza and his mother Khairiya were attacked and killed by armed men.

A local Christian leader said, “This crime has only one message. Frightening our people and forcing them to leave the country.  This means that there is no place for Christians. We are seen as a lamb to be killed at any time.”

A Yazidi member of the Iraqi parliament, tweeted that it showed that “minorities are persecuted in their homeland.”

 Christians in Baghdad have been kidnapped, and Christian shopkeepers forced to pay “protection money” to militias.

 The United Nations have called on Iraq to protect the Christian minority stating, “We urge Iraq to protect minorities, including Yezidis, Christians … and others.”