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Barnabas Fund – June 14th – Update 2

Updates on the persecuted Church – 6 June 2023

Barnabas Fund, 7th June 2023 (excerpts)

  • Five North Korean Christians were arrested as they attended a secret church service in a farmhouse at 5am on Sunday 30 April. Believers in prison or labour camps in North Korea are often singled out for especially harsh treatment and may well face death.
  • Pakistani Christian Noman Masih was sentenced to death by a court in Punjab, on 30 May for alleged “blasphemy” against Muhammad, the prophet of Islam over images allegedly found on his mobile phone. Pakistan’s “blasphemy” laws are often used to make false accusations to settle personal grudges.   Pray also for protection and wisdom for Noman’s lawyers.
  • The government of Egypt has licensed a further 216 churches and church-affiliated buildings. Give thanks for this latest batch of approvals and for the increased freedom given to His people in Egypt.
  • The 10-year prison sentence of a Christian in Iran was reduced to two years on 24 May after a successful appeal. Pray that the day will come when there will be no punishment for practising Christianity in Iran.
  • Islamist militants who kidnapped 40 worshippers from a church service in Kaduna State, Nigeria on 7 May freed their remaining 16 captives on Sunday 4 June.  Pastor John Hayab, of the Christian Association of Nigeria, thanked the Muslim community in the area for their practical help following the kidnappings.