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Barnabas Update 18th Oct 2017

Myanmar (Burma) – October Update 2

Barnabas Fund in countries worst for press freedom

5th October 2017

The 2017 Press Freedom Index, (from Reporters without Borders), shows that Barnabas Aid is helping suffering Christians in countries which most restrict journalists from reporting what is happening there.  Countries are colour-categorised for press freedom in the map below as good (white), satisfactory (yellow), problematic (orange), bad (red), or very bad (black).

(Image by Reporters Without Borders)

The index indirectly shows the influence of a country’s Christian heritage on developing freedom. All 49 countries in the first two categories, except for Burkino Faso (42nd) and Comoros (44th), have a predominantly Christian heritage. All countries in the “very bad” category, except Burundi only just in that category, are either Muslim-majority or Communist/former Communist countries.