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Barnabas Update – April 15th 2020

Emergency network to help Christians globally

Barnabas Fund, 14 April 2020

Barnabas Fund, joined by over 85 partner organisations, has launched the Barnabas Coronavirus Emergency Network (BCEN) to meet the needs of persecuted Christians on the margins of society, discriminated against in daily life, and often discriminated against when aid is distributed.  This network gives us direct access to our brothers and sisters at the grassroots and helps us monitor the effects of Covid 19 on persecuted Christians and learn how to support them better.

BCEN is obtaining reliable up-to-date information to share with supporters to inform their prayers and is guiding our response in terms of practical support for coronavirus-affected Christians, ensuring that funds given are used as effectively as possible.

BCEN has already sent £425,305.73 GBP ($528.338.66 USD) to support vulnerable communities in Pakistan, China, Laos, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Armenia and Sri Lanka. We are inundated with requests for support and are committed to continue helping.

But we are only scratching the surface. There is much to do and we need your support in the weeks ahead.

Visit us at for news and prayer requests, regularly updated and join us in praying for the persecuted Church during this difficult time.