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Barnabas Update – August 1st 2018

Barnabas Fund’s policy on Overheads

Barnabas Fund, 24 July 2018

Barnabas Fund channels money from Christians through Christians to Christians (local churches or Christian organisations already established in the places of pressure, harassment and persecution).

For every £1 we receive in donations, we send more than 88p to our charitable work globally. Charitable work refers to the projects developed by the local persecuted Christians we are supporting, meaning that more than 88p of every £1 directly helps the beneficiaries.

If you allocate your donation to Barnabas Fund to a specific need or project, 100% of your donation will be used for that project and its costs. Nothing will be deducted from your donation for Barnabas Fund’s overheads. The costs of overheads are taken from donations to our general fund.