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Barnabas Update – December 18th 2019

Al Shabaab kill eight Christians in Kenya attack

Barnabas Fund, 12 December 2019

Christians and non-Muslims were singled out and killed when suspected Al Shabaab extremists attacked a bus in northern Kenya on 6 December.

The bus was forced to a halt by the militants on the Somali border, as it travelled from Nairobi to Mandera.

The militants allowed Muslims to go free before killing at least eleven non-local passengers, eight of whom were Christians.  7 of the murdered Christians were unarmed policemen returning to work after a period of leave.

The terrorists are thought to have identified the non-Muslims by the fact that they were not local people. That area of Kenya is 99% Muslim, but Kenya as a whole is over 80% Christian.  Please pray in the run up to Christmas when extremist attacks on Christians often increase.

Al Shabaab militants have singled out Christians for execution-style murder in 2 previous bus attacks in Kenya.