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Barnabas Update June 17

Myanmar Update – June 2017

Open Doors

Amod is on the run. He’s from the Rohingya (Muslim) tribe and converted to Christianity after 33 years as a Muslim. Christian Rohingyas are doubly disadvantaged. The country refuses to acknowledge them and the Rohingya tribe rejects Christians who’ve converted from Islam.

Amod maintains his witness and pastors Rohingya Christian families who are now scattered. His vision is to see 500,000 Rohingyas come to Christ before he dies.

Attempts to build trust between the Burmese army, insurgents and minority groups, including Christians, have so far met with little success.

Conversion from Buddhism to Christianity is seen as betrayal of family, community and even country. Church leaders are targeted by radical Buddhists in order to paralyse the church. Local communities put extreme pressure on believers from Buddhist and Muslim backgrounds to reconvert.