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Barnabas Update – September 1st 2021

The dangers facing Afghan Christians

Barnabas Fund, 24 August 2021 (excerpts)

The Taliban takeover in Afghanistan creates great danger for Afghan Christians, all of them converts from Islam or the children of converts.

If caught by the Taliban, they are very likely to be killed. Although the Hanafi school of sharia, which predominates in Afghanistan specifies death only for adult sane male apostates from Islam, the Taliban’s track record of an ultra-strict interpretation of sharia means it is very likely they will kill all apostates – men, and women, and children too.

But if Christians join other Afghans desperate to flee for various reasons, will they reach a safe haven?

American forces decide who may flee the country by air. Christians must make themselves known in order to be considered for evacuation. If they are not accepted, this leaves them and their families highly vulnerable to being attacked and killed by the Taliban.

All their family members’ names and contact details must be sent in advance on a list to the Americans.  The reason for their vulnerability must also be stated – so Christians will have to reveal that they are Christians.  Those accepted for evacuation must not go to the airport until called or they will be turned away.

After the deadline of 31 August, any Christians still waiting at the airport will run the risk of being exposed as the Taliban takes control.

It appears that most Afghan Christians will need to make their way overland across a border somehow.

Barnabas Fund is working hard, through Operation Safe Havens, to enable Afghan Christian families to reach safety.