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Blythswood – April 17th – Update 2

Daniel Centre

Balazs will now release Roxana on Thursday at the end of her 45-day trial period, the other staff members agreeing that she does not have the right chemistry for the position.  Sergiu, the night warden, has been very distressed about his mother who has mental issues, went missing at the weekend, and was found 150 miles away at a railway station by the police.

The sale of their Cluj depot has not completed and Balazs has still to finish his report for Christian Aid on his work with the Ukrainians in Romania.

He and his wife Agnes spent 4 days with Blythswood CEO Jeremy Ross and his wife Fiona visiting the Cornerstone Project in Navi Mumbai in India which provides afterschool care for the children of prostitutes. They also visited a fledgling church there in the slums.

Balazs will visit Serbia next week with Jeremy, Finlay and Alan Lawson who are all trustees for Blythswood’s work in that country.  Balazs would like Blythswood to sponsor the Theological Faculty there which prepares young Roma Pentecostals for ministry to their own people. 

 Talita Kum

Adi is in good form and does not want to give up teaching the TK1 children himself, so they are currently well-staffed.  The Blythswood shops are also doing well in Jimboliya in support of the Talita Kum projects.  Adi is apparently well-skilled at handling the inspectors who periodically visit charity shops and look for reasons to fine them.