Mission Support within the Congregation

Blythswood – February 28th – Update 1

Daniel Centre

Louisa leaves the Daniel Centre in mid-March for a Hungarian government youth programme, so Balazs has been advertising for a replacement. 

The Archbishop of Canterbury has visited their partners in the Ukraine safely despite advice to the contrary.

They await a completion certificate to complete the sale of their Cluj depot tomorrow.

Balazs has his reporting for Christian Aid to complete at beginning of March and Christian Aid’s Chief Financial Officer will visit the 3 Ukrainian partners next month.

With 2 new lads coming in, they now have a full Daniel Centre – and without any drug issues for the first time in a long time.

Balazs and new Blythswood CEO Jeremy Ross and their wives will visit Cornerstone in Mumbai, India for 4 days in early April and then, also with Jeremy, Serbia and perhaps the 2 Roma churches in Bulgaria in late April.  In May, James and Jeremy will be in Romania to meet with all the Eastern Union Blythswood leaders for James’s farewell as the Blythswood CEO though he wil remain as chairman of Blythswood Romania for the time being.

Talita Kum

Work continues to go well for Adi in Jimboliya.  He is still running remedial work for half a dozen older girls in Talita Kum 3 though no building work is envisaged for that programme for now.