Blythswood, Mission Support within the Congregation, Missions

Blythswood – July 3rd – Update 1

Daniel Centre

Aura, replacing Louisa as Counsellor in the Daniel Centre, has decided not to continue.  Danny was able to visit his sister in Germany who is very ill with cancer.

Balazs, Jeremy Ross and James Campbell had a good visit with their Bulgarian partners, Helping Hands.  The project involves planting churches among the Roma people.

Ciprian has now left the Blythswood rental apartment and Julian’s future is uncertain as he can’t afford to rent it on his own.  There are currently 5 lads in the Daniel Centre, and they are expecting two more later in July.

Olga, who helps Balazs to keep tabs on their Ukrainian partner ministries, has now brought her parents from the Ukraine to live in Cluj.

Summer camps are now in full swing in Moldova, Serbia and Romania.

Talita Kum

Adi is currently working with his camp for TK1 and TK2 children and has the volunteers from Inverness with him there.