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Blythswood Update – January 12th 2022

Daniel Centre

Still waiting on news of any Hungarian government grant for the school in Kenya.  Louisa, in her 20s, already having a very positive impact on the residents of the Daniel Centre and forming a very good team with Danny – good interaction with Alix and Daniel in particular.

Development at the Depot goes on, 3 of the 5 buildings there are already spoken for, one is possibly spoken for by a neighbouring business and the 5th is the slow remodelling.  The local church has decided against taking the premises behind the Daniel Centre, about 2.5 km. from the depot site.

Cipri waits the results of a very exhaustive testing.  The lads find it hard to believe they are not being ripped off when the Centre asks them to contribute more from their earnings to the Centre because of escalating energy costs.

Romeo, very stable at work, would like to move out but doesn’t earn enough yet.  Daniel is in the same situation, has given up school for the time being and hopes to resume next year.  Soreen is coming back to the Centre once again.  Alix, the recent arrival, has a drug problem and will have to leave because of this.  The other Alix who had moved out to rent and Istvan are both doing well.

Talita Kum

Adi’s second-hand clothing shop is having to move to make way for various clubs but the Council has increased their support for Talita Kum to almost compensate for the loss.  Adi still hopes to have some of the spare ground behind TK2 for a play area for the children and perhaps a football pitch.

Blythswood, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Blythswood Update – December 15th 2021

Daniel Centre

Balazs is back from a very successful trip to Kenya.  Balazs is now applying to the Hungarian government for a significant grant towards the development of the school there.  Louisa, one of the volunteers there, is now full-time at the Daniel Centre as a counsellor. 

Development at the Depot goes on, but very slowly.  There is the possibility of a local church moving into the spare ground behind the Daniel Centre which could be a great encouragement to some of the residents.

Cipri’s problems have now been possibly diagnosed as physical rather than psychological but there have been no other significant changes among the young men at the Centre but plenty activity with the arrival of this year’s shoeboxes to deal with.

Talita Kum

Adi continues to experience less sympathy and help from the new local council in Jimboliya and they have currently not renewed his contract for the building that houses his second-hand clothing shop.

There is no movement on the EU funding for TK3 and TK4.

Blythswood, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Blythswood Update – October 20th 2021

Daniel Centre

Work on the depot continues to progress slowly.  The Romanian Covid situation is now the worst in the world.

Balazs leaves for Kenya for a month on October 24th.  Samuel, director of the Kenyan school 8 hours’ drive west of Nairobi, is making progress with physiotherapy.  Balazs will be involved in tree-planting and irrigation while there.  A Catholic businessman in Cluj has now given a €20,000 donation towards building 3 new classrooms and teacher accommodation for the Kenya project.

The Kenya volunteer, Louisa, just resigned from her social services work, has now agreed to be an assistant to Balazs and Dani at the Daniel Centre.  Julian does not have Aids.  A big challenge for the young men is having opportunities to find a stable life partner.

Alex has found a place to rent, Cipri is looking for an office job, and Damian has left the Centre rather than give up his dog which was becoming a major problem there. 

Talita Kum

The students are back at school and into their usual routine at Talita Kum.  Adi has applied for an extension on the answer to their application for EU funding for Talita Kum 3 and Talita Kum 4.  The staffing situation is stable at the moment.

The looming crisis for both the Daniel Centre and Talita Kum is the imminent rise in energy prices which could radically impact the budget of both projects.

Blythswood, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Blythswood Update – October 6th 2021

Daniel Centre

The new storage centre foundations are now 75% complete with the industrial floor and insulation to complete.  The Covid situation in Romania has worsened into the fourth wave.

Balazs is back from a week in Kenya but goes again for a month on October 24th.  Samuel Okomo’s health issue is probably stress-related, having lost his wife to cancer last year.  One of the volunteers left there is having a remarkable impact on widows with her Biblio-drama.

Alix has resigned as assistant to Balazs and Dani but they hope to recruit one of the Kenya volunteers who has just resigned from her social services work to replace him.  André continues to be much more co-operative but  Julian, who is mentally challenged and recently baptised, is causing concern as he has been in contact with an ex-Daniel Centre resident who has HIV Aids.

Alex, Cipri and Damian are increasingly hard to handle as they should be looking for places to live independently with EU funding but are not very pro-active in searching for such places.

Talita Kum

No major updates from Adi with Balazs having been in Kenya but Adi did sponsor a very successful annual ball for the elderly in Jimboliya while Balazs was gone.

Blythswood, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Blythswood Update – September 15th 2021

Daniel Centre

The pouring of the storage centre foundations is slow.

Some Kenya project volunteers will leave for time in Kenya at the end of September; Balazs will go for the first week, and then for a month with more volunteers from October 25th.  Samuel Okomo, director of the Kenyan school has been down with a lengthy illness which could threaten the existence of the school, currently with 250 students but with potential for 400.

André is back at the Centre, much more co-operative after a hard time of working long days on a Spanish farm.  Julian, mentally challenged but a conscientious church attender, was baptised last week.  He works for Ikea but could be a long-term resident at the Centre as he is vulnerable to being cheated by others.

School is back in but, with rising Covid, medical masks are now mandated.  Cluj has a population of 400,00.

EU funding for independent living is now promised by October and Alex, Cipri and Damian may well move out then.  With more options open to young school leavers, only difficult cases now apply to join the Daniel Centre.


Talita Kum

The 36 students who come to TK1 and the 44 who come to TK2 re-started school on September 13th and there will be a 20th celebration this weekend for the founding of TK1.  There is good co-operation from the business community in Jimboliya but the new local Council has been creating problems for Adi over the tax situation.

Blythswood, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Blythswood Update – September 1st 2021

Daniel Centre

The frame of the new storage centre is now in place.

The Kenya project has been re-scheduled for the end of September/October.

Balazs has been in Serbia as part of the oversight for Blythswood projects there.  Serbian officialdom is much less sympathetic to Blythswood work than Romania generally is.

As in the UK, Covid numbers have been rising again in Romania which has the second lowest vaccination rate in Europe after Bulgaria.

Cipri in the Centre still needs prayer as he struggles with suicidal thoughts.  Istvan is also struggling and has returned to the Centre for the third time.

There has been no advance on new arrivals at the Centre over the past fortnight.

 Talita Kum

Adi’s work is now winding down after a very busy summer and they prepare to return to the normal school schedule on September 13th amid ongoing uncertainty over EU funding.

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Blythswood Update – August 18th 2021

The foundations of the new storage centre are now laid but lack of labour has slowed the work considerably with Nepali and Vietnamese workers now recruited.

The Kenya project for July had to be cancelled at the last moment because of a lockdown in Kenya.

There have been the ongoing departures and returns of Daniel Centre residents – most of the young men are very restless at this stage of their lives.

There are currently in residence with two possible new arrivals on the horizon to bring the Centre up to capacity.


Talita Kum

Adi has been very busy with summer students at TK1 and TK2, a summer camp in the mountains for 25 of the highest TK1 and TK2 achievers, make-up lessons weekly for 6 to 8 students who failed their high-school leaving exams in June, and ongoing uncertainty over the summer on EU funding.