Mission Support within the Congregation, Missions

Blythswood – March 28th – Update 1

Daniel Centre

Balazs has doubts that Roxana, who has been taken on in place of Louisa as a carer for the young men, really fits the bill and will probably release her at the end of her 45-day trial period.  He requests prayer for this decision.

They still await a completion certificate to complete the sale of their Cluj depot as the project manager had lost the necessary papers that he had to submit.

Balazs has finished his 6-monthly reporting for Christian Aid, but it has become increasingly demanding for him and for his Ukrainian partners.

2 of the lads, Ionuz and another, have now been expelled from the Daniel Centre for drug use.  Another of the lads, Julian, who works with Ionuz at the fire department of a local store, reports that Ionuz is giving the Daniel Centre a bad reputation there by his continuing drug use.

Balazs, the new Blythswood CEO Jeremy Ross and their wives fly out via Munich on April 7th to visit Cornerstone in Mumbai, India for 4 days.  Also with Jeremy, he hopes to visit Serbia and perhaps the 2 Roma churches in Bulgaria in late April.

Talita Kum

Adi had become fairly stressed by having to do his share of teaching at Talita Kum in Jimboliya.  He has now found a part-time teacher, however, who has helped to lighten his load.  He is still running remedial work for half a dozen older girls in Talita Kum 3 though no building work is envisaged for that programme yet.  Several of the TK3 girls have now found part-time jobs.