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Chinese churches ‘more careful’, as raids increase – August 1st 2018

World Watch Monitor, July 26, 2018

Churches in China are becoming more careful over who they let in to their buildings, as government pressure increases, and a local source says the authorities are “trying to stir up larger more influential churches” to see how the people will react.

The government is especially wary of “high profile” churches that have access to international networks and is also closing some church venues.  More landlords are refusing to continue rental contracts with churches.

2 weeks ago, a Bible Reformed Church was forced to stop its meeting for a third time in a month following a police raid – some of the Christians were arrested for questioning.  The church was also fined 50,000 yuan (US $7,500).

While China has accumulated wealth and emerged as a major player on the world stage, the underlying dark spirits of atheistic Marxism have not disappeared.