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Christians Falsely Accused in India – August 20th 2018

Morning Star News, August 13, 2018

About an hour before midnight on July 31, three policemen and a Hindu neighbour barged into the home of a Christian woman, Anita Rajak, in northern India and ordered her and her husband to either give them money or go to jail.

 The officers told them they couldn’t pray in their house and had come to arrest them.

 They had no money, so they took her husband, Pappu, and another Christian to their Jeep.

 She headed to the police station in the morning and Christian friends stayed with her until police released the two Christians.

  “They had beaten my husband on his face and back while he was in custody.”

  “A Hindu family brought their daughter possessed by evil spirits to us some months ago.  My husband and I prayed for her and she was freed,” Rajak said. “The entire family decided to follow Christ and joined us for worship regularly, but the Hindu neighbours accused us, saying we forcefully convert people, and they beat my husband severely.”