Missions, The Persecuted Church Across the World

Church Planter Questioned by Authorities – November 2nd 2022

The Voice of the Martyrs, October 27, 2022 (excerpts)

More than one million refugees have flooded into Lebanon because of the civil war raging in neighbouring Syria.  Pastor Bassam recently opened a new church near the Syrian border to minister to refugees and others in that region.  After the church’s initial service, Pastor Bassam was summoned to appear before local officials who questioned him about his evangelistic activities.  He tried to answer their questions, stating that he does not force anyone to come to the services or change their beliefs.  Pastor Bassam requests prayers that the church will be allowed to operate without interference and also for his wife, who has been suffering from an illness.

Many Muslims in Lebanon have suffered greatly at the hands of other Muslims during Syria’s civil war, resulting in a new openness to Christ.  Because Lebanon has a significant Christian population and its government protects the freedom of worship, it has become a safe haven for displaced Christians throughout the region.  Despite the hardships, many evangelical churches in Lebanon have not only welcomed but also cared for Christian and Muslim Syrian refugees, who have limited resources and few rights in the country.

Many Muslim refugees have bravely attended home Bible studies and church services to learn about Christ.  Significant numbers have placed their faith in Christ, been baptized and become active in local churches.  Some Christian converts from Islam are already actively witnessing to Muslims.