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Court in Pakistan Validates Forced Conversion – February 18th 2020

Morning Star News February 12, 2020 

A high court in Pakistan has validated the marriage and forced conversion to Islam of a 14-year-old Christian girl.

Huma Younus was taken from her home in Karachi on Oct. 10 and forced to marry the man who abducted her.

The family’s attorney said that the family was prohibited from seeing Huma because police said her life would be at risk if she was brought to the courtroom.

The Sindh Act 2013 declares marrying a person under 18 years old an offense punishable by up to three years in prison but the law is still poorly implemented.

The family has appealed to the Court of Justice in Sindh Province – a hearing is scheduled for March 4.

Since forced conversions are not illegal in Pakistan, her attorney said he believed the case hinged on Huma’s age.

Supreme Court Advocate Saiful Malook told Morning Star News “In no way can any court of law endorse an underage marriage unless it is supported by the girl’s guardian”.

Malook, who represented Asia Bibi and won her freedom, said that abducting for forced conversion and underage marriage is a major problem in Pakistan.