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Death Toll Mounts In Nigeria ‘Jihad’ – June 3rd 2020

Release International, 26 May 2020

A new report from Nigerian NGO, International Society for Civil Liberties & Rule of Law, claims attacks by Fulani militants have killed 620 Christians in the first five months of 2020, supporting claims by Release International that the attacks are growing and have the characteristics of an undeclared jihad against Christians.

The report claims 32,000 Christians have been killed by Islamist militants since 2009, the UN puts the figure at 27,000 and the Stefanos Foundation estimates 30,000 have died in the continuing violence.

In a recent attack on the Christian village of Gonan Rogo, armed Fulani militants waited until around midnight on May 12 until the villagers, including babies, were asleep then set upon them with guns and knives.

‘The Nigerian government is at best ineffective, at worst reluctant, to prevent these attacks,’ says Release CEO Paul Robinson.  ‘Our message to Nigeria and the international community is intervene and stop this now – before it is too late.’

Fulani militants have killed three times as many Nigerians as Boko Haram since the start of 2020.