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Deprived of an education because of her faith – April 3rd

Open Doors, 26th March 2024 (excerpts)

Deki is one of the estimated 19,500 Christians in Bhutan, a country where all citizens are expected to be Buddhist. Because of her faith, she couldn’t go to school, but her greatest dream has now been fulfilled – to read and write.

She finds it difficult to recall her childhood. Having not attended school, she missed out on the fun of playground friendships and activities, the joy of learning, and the exciting possibilities that come from being able to read and write.

It could have been very different if she and her family denied their faith, but they didn’t. Despite the sadness, Deki has no regrets and today she is looking forward to a future that not long ago seemed impossible.

Since there was no church in the village, the family walked four to five hours to attend church – and in secret. “Every Sunday, we had to go to church, hiding.”

Despite seeking to keep a low profile, locals knew of the family’s faith. “Villagers taunted my parents,” recalls Deki. “They held many meetings and mocked us for our faith. They inquired about our faith, such as who shared it with us and who told us to be Christian.”

The hostility was so intense that on two occasions Deki was denied admission to schools. “I couldn’t study,” she says. “All my friends of my age went to school, and now they are doing well.  I felt bad when I couldn’t attend school, but I never blamed my parents,” she adds. “I also never questioned their faith. Now, I know that whatever happens, it happens for good.”