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Family of Assaulted Pastor Attacked Again – February 3rd 2021

Morning Star News, 28 January 2021

Muslim villagers on Sunday attacked the wife and children of a pastor in eastern Uganda who is still receiving hospital treatment for a previous assault.

Previously a group of area Muslims beat Pastor Nabwana with sticks and a blunt object on his head, back, stomach and chest.

A church leader visited Naura, wife of Pastor Nabwana, and her family at their thatched-roof dwelling on January 22. He said they need protection as well as financial assistance.

So far the church has paid medical bills of about $1,000 for the couple, and the church leader said further medical bills for them will amount to about $950.

Naura had been hospitalized for five days after the previous attack, incited by mosque leaders announcing that a local imam had left Islam for Christianity. A group of Muslims beat her and Pastor Nabwana and demolished parts of their church building.

The former imam, whose name is withheld for security reasons, put his faith in Christ on Dec. 5 and on Dec 27 joined the church worship. The new Christian was given the opportunity to share the journey of how he came to faith in Christ, and when mosque leaders heard the celebration, they announced the apostasy.