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Good Friday holiday reinstated in Indian state, April 4th 2018

World Watch Monitor March 29, 2018

Widespread protests have forced the government in Christian-majority Meghalaya State in north-east India to restore the Good Friday holiday.

The coalition government had declared that Good Friday would be a normal “working day”, but the move was withdrawn on Tuesday, 27 March.

P.B.M. Basaiawmoit, a Presbyterian Church member wrote a letter to key government officials as soon as he heard about the plan on Saturday, 24 March.

In his letter, he had questioned why Christians were being denied the religious freedom guaranteed to them under the constitution.

Meanwhile, leaders of the National Awakening Movement also sought “clarification” on the order, saying, “This decision was against the sentiments of the Christians and against the provisions of the constitution.”

Basaiawmoit said. “This cannot be seen in isolation from the BJP becoming a part of the ruling coalition after the February election.”