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Harassed, Imprisoned for Christ in Vietnam – April 23rd

Voice of the Martyrs, 13 April 2023

Three brothers in Christ and their families in southeast Asia have faced severe persecution from government authorities.  The men are now serving prison terms for their faithfulness to Christ.  Pray for their faith to remain strong, for them to have great courage in the face of their sufferings, and for their families to be protected and cared for by the body of Christ while the men are imprisoned.

Vietnam has a repressive Communist government that actively restricts Christian worship in many ways.  While Christian worship is legal, the government views Christians and churches as a threat to its power and control.  Minority tribal groups, such as the Hmong, generally face the most violent and harsh forms of persecution, while Christians in urban centres experience pressure and harassment instead of violent opposition.  Churches continue to grow as believers faithfully reach out despite these challenges.

Most Vietnamese people practice a blend of ancestor worship and Buddhism.  Only 2.5 percent of the population are evangelical Christians.

The government imposes some restrictions, while local authorities and community members violently persecute Christians in rural areas.  Christian converts are persecuted by family members.