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Hindu Extremists and the Indian Pastor – September 2nd 2018

Morning Star News, August 30, 2018

A pastor could face life in prison after police in eastern India falsely charged him with leading a tribal rebel movement.

 Christian leaders in Jharkhand state suspect Hindu extremists are behind the sudden, baseless accusations against pastor Jidan Herenz in March, when he was charged with sedition for allegedly leading the rebellious movement by tribal Adivasis to fight for indigenous rights.

After police booked him, accusing him of convening unlawful assemblies, altering the appearance of Indian currency, criminal conspiracy and sedition, Pastor Herenz and his family fled deep into district forests. He has since planted a church among remote tribal people there.

“It worries me, it is difficult to gather as a church, and several false cases have been booked against me,” wrote Pastor Herenz, 55, last month. “There is severe opposition, threats, but the ministry must continue.”