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Hindu Extremists in Uttar Pradesh, India – September 17th 2018

Morning Star News, September 17, 2018

Under the influence of Hindu extremists, police and media campaigns against Christians in Uttar Pradesh state, India have mushroomed.

After false media reports of large-scale, fraudulent conversions of Hindus by pastor Durga Prasad Yadav went viral in July, followed by false police charges, there have been multiple area reports of disrupted worship meetings, pastors and evangelists arrested since September 13th.

“Hindu extremist groups are shouting anti-Christian slogans around the churches, threatening believers with severe consequences and asking every believer how much money he has been given to convert.”

Christians have been targeted in at least five cases and at least 12 pastors have gone into hiding, but attendance at Yadav’s church’s worship services has nearly doubled since Hindu extremists began targeting him.