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In the Land of the Setting Sun – May 17th

Frontiers, 15 May 2023

The easternmost region of Morocco has a multiplicity of cultures and languages but is mostly empty of gospel proclamation.   Hemmed in by the Atlas Mountains in the west and the 800 km border with Algeria, it stretches from the fertile Mediterranean to the Sahara sands.

The major cities like Oujda, as well as smaller towns serve as centres of trade and community for nearby desert dwellers.  Unlawful cross-border commerce continues despite official closure 30 years ago, while political peace with their eastern neighbour remains elusive.

Distinct indigenous dialects are spoken, as well as the common language of Moroccan “Darija” Arabic The economy is dynamic, and as the middle class grows, roughly as many Mercedes as donkeys are used for transport. 

Oujda is a relatively modern city with a reputable university and strong-minded students who fearlessly protest for justice and causes they believe in.   The Empty East is well connected through social media.

The far east of Morocco is largely empty of believers, yet the ground here fertile, with a small, but sturdy body of believers that is growing.   Unfortunately, they cannot reach the whole region and so more workers are needed.