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Iran-U.S. Nuclear Talks as Iranian Christians Suffer – December 15th 2021

International Christian Concern, 12 December 2021

As the United States and Iran come closer to reaching agreement on the renewal of a nuclear deal for Iran, Christians continue to face severe persecution at the hands of the Iranian regime.

Since President Biden took office, U.S. officials have been negotiating with their Iranian counterparts in an effort to revive an agreement that aims to curb the Iranian nuclear program.  Though the plan passed under President Obama in 2014 amidst heavy criticism for being too soft on the regime, President Trump withdrew the U.S. from the agreement in 2018.

The Biden administration is still committed to reaching an agreement with Iran, but as these negotiations continue, the regime continues to arrest Christians for worshipping. In addition to being named a Country of Particular Concern for religious freedom violations by the State Department, ICC highlighted persecution in Iran in its recent 2021 Persecutor of the Year Report.  ICC also listed Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi among the worst persecutors of Christians.

As talks continue between U.S. and Iranian diplomats, the United States must emphasize human rights for all Iranians in these meetings to promote greater religious freedom in the country.