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Jacksons – April 17th – Update 2 (excerpts)

Fraser’s new laptop should be with him now.  Pray for his managing his time, currently having 10 open projects on his desk.  Things are falling into place for attending and leading workshops at the Theological Education Association conference in Pretoria in June.

Thank God for the men in Maximum and Medium A who attend Dawn’s Bible studies. It’s a privilege to facilitate sessions in which such men feel able to be vulnerable and ask questions about topics that worry them.

In Maximum Bible study we’re looking at anger. Pray that the men would recognise the symptoms of growing anger and choose to react in a godly way.

When asked what changes knowing Jesus has made, Theswin, once an angry and violent number gang man, said, “Being able to love my enemies.” Shortly after giving his life to Jesus, a man told him he was the one who’d shot him outside when he nearly died.  Theswin immediately wanted to inflict harm on him but then a huge sense of peace flowed over him. He told the man he now followed Jesus and, whatever his past deeds, he had to love and forgive him. They became close friends until the other man was released and shot dead. Theswin’s family and friends no longer recognise him as the person he was before meeting Jesus and agree that his reaction to his enemy was miraculous.

Ashley and Dawn have visited another drug support group to offer them their Restoration programme. Many of the support group work during the day.  Ashley and Dawn are prepared to try a mixed group.

Our church leadership now must take a final decision on action over a situation in our congregation.  Pray wisdom for the leaders and our response to their decision.