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Jacksons – April 3rd – Update 1 (excerpts)

We’re thankful that Fraser is much better and now has a way forward to correct an almighty mess a college made trying to upload catalogue data to a new library system. His laptop is still just about hanging together. Pray that he and the other NetAct leaders can replace it very soon as his computer is threatening to die at any moment.

Thank God for the enthusiasm and desire to learn and change that Dawn encounters during the prison Bible studies. Pray for the men as they encourage others to come and meet Jesus and as they face up to the difficult changes they must make in their own lives and attitudes.

Ashley is making enquiries in the next area regarding the community/gang restoration course. Pray his message and our offer will be well received, that opposing forces will be negated and that God will lead us to a receptive place. Pray against the darkness and violence seeping through many aspects of life in many community areas.

Pray for the men hanging around the streets who are sort of interested but weren’t brave enough to sign up to face themselves and change.

Ruth hit her head on a marble counter on Friday and has been suffering from concussion ever since.  Thank God she’s in a place where medical care is readily available and has friends who are helping take care of her.