Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons – December 13th – Update 2 (excerpts)

NetAct has no finance and hasn’t fulfilled its obligations to Hugenote College for months. Fraser met with the NetACT office manager and will have further meetings next month to discuss the future direction of NetACT. 

Much of his recent work has not been directly for NetAct. His library, online learning and IT experience are of great value to the theological colleges he’s been helping. This could continue with or without NetAct. Whether we could continue living where we are depends on Hugenote College and how much rent they would ask from us.  Unlike in Nigeria, we have no real feeling that our time in South Africa is coming to an end.

During Fraser’s time in Pretoria, he was training Lutheran Theological Seminary in a new library system which they had installed without fully understanding how to use it. 

After the theft of his phone last week, he is still struggling to get everything set up on his new phone, including connection to the church bank account for his responsibilities as church treasurer and re-connection to his UK bank account.  Dawn is scheduled to go to the UK so can get him a new UK SIM card there.

At Maximum Bible study, a man spoke of a very high ranking 28 gang member who was fasting because he wants “the Holy Spirit to touch him” – obviously some sort of spiritual awakening within him. Pray believers will reach out to the broken man behind the powerful gangster.

Pray for inmates for the very hot Christmas period to be a time of deepening of their faith, service and character-building and to be peacemakers as tempers fray in the heat and frustration of prison life.