Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons – December Update 2 (excerpts)

Two men in Maximum had asked Dawn for one-to-one chats.  Michael, at 57, deeply feels the mistakes of his past.  He has a desire to know Jesus more closely but lacks reassurance.  Pray he’ll understand the hurt his actions caused his children and how that affects their attitudes now.  He’s been a smoker for decades and longs to be able to give up as a testimony to others.

Pray for Howard to be able to control his tongue and learn to deal with conflict in a Jesus-way.  He has a sentence of 65 years but thanks God he’s in prison as that’s where he met Jesus.  Pray his wife Shannon will come to know the Lord and his two young daughters will be protected.

Pray for all incarcerated men over December and most of January as there will be little outside spiritual input.  This is a time when darkness thrives in the prisons.

Dawn was able to host a small but profitable end of year gathering for the Boland Hope Prison Ministry team. 

She flew to the UK on Monday.  Thank God that her train journeys are falling in between strike days. 

Fraser is enjoying his time in the UK and being able to reconnect with people.