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Jacksons – February 28th – Update 1 (excerpts)

Fraser’s Kenyan visa application has been approved and he travels next week.  He has identified a server problem and put a temporary work-around in place. He needs to balance the competing claims on his time and clear his in-tray before his trip to Kenya.

May the men in the Maximum Bible study learn about dealing with conflict and put it into practice as necessary.

The first ocarina lesson at Drakenstein Maximum was very well received. Ten men were delighted with their new instruments and Dawn’s not seen as many smiles from men and even passing warders in Maximum before.  In a place of so much darkness, fear, cruelty, selfishness, misery, and despair, thank God for this opportunity for light, joy, sharing, and creativity.

Bad acoustics, accents and quiet voices can make it hard to know what men are saying in Maximum and Medium A as Dawn tries to respond appropriately to them.

Wiekus in Maximum was being tormented by a man in his room.  He now praises the Lord and thanks everyone for their prayers – things have changed in ways he couldn’t have imagined. The man has become more considerate. He even asked Wiekus’ opinion on a film to be shown on the room television. He then admitted that he’d enjoyed the Christian film. Now Wiekus has no desire to move cells, instead seeing fresh opportunities for relationships and witness to unbelievers in the room he’s in.

The Gang Restorative Justice orientation/finding out meeting is on Monday next week. The first day proper will be Thursday.  May lives be changed – God is preparing the way, pray Dawn and Ashley won’t let him down.