Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons – June 14th – Update 2  (excerpts)

Fraser finishes the Mukhanyo library catalogue this week and next and trains them the week after.  The NetACT journal editor wants another issue out at the same time.   Pray he can organise his time appropriately.

An amazing week of Restorative Justice at Drakenstein Medium A.  Many men have made a connection for the first time between events in their childhood and their propensity to violence, crime and bad choices.

Prison officials feared trouble as we had many lifers and high-ranking members of prison gangs attending.  Their fears came to nothing as 8 high rankers publicly, and others privately, renounced the gangs.  It’s not hyperbole to say they put their lives on the line, giving up the “benefits” of prison gang membership.

4 courageous women spoke about the effects of crime on their lives – rape, murder and domestic abuse.  All the men were affected.  One who has committed murders went to the front, acknowledged he had been a boy running around neighbourhoods committing crimes.  Previously his victims had been faceless but this woman’s testimony had given them a face and he never wanted to be part of causing such pain again.

A high ranking gang member gave it up on Friday after seeing the effects of his crimes, wanting to live a better life and be reconciled with his family.  They didn’t turn up on Saturday’s family restoration day and that shook him.  He attends Tuesday Bible studies and professes faith in Jesus.  He doesn’t want his nickname “Killer” any more.

Hugenote College where we are based has staff challenges.  Pray they would get the right person as the new Dean.