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Jacksons – March 20th – Update 2 (excerpts)

Thank God for the men in Maximum and Medium A who are using their time to study the Bible and deepen their relationship with God. One man in Medium A lamented the wrong teaching and motives apparent in some Christian teachers and preachers who hold sessions in the prison. They look on the men just as prisoners, not realising that a lot of them spend time studying, praying, and learning and can recognise dodgy teaching when it’s in front of them.

Thank God that despite 40C heat, two committed and appreciative men came to the first Restoration group on Monday. We’ve offered those who signed up, but didn’t make it, a chance to catch up by running an extra first session, but they didn’t appear.  The two men who came have both got jobs (a good thing) that occupy them in the afternoons. We’ve had to close the first group and instead we’re giving the women a chance. There is such a need for change in the community and perhaps the women will be the key.

Fraser had a tough week fighting off the infection from his tooth abscess and has had the tooth removed. Pray for our stamina.

One of Fraser’s correspondents is completely untrained and inadequate and keeps asking for Fraser’s help, pays no attention to his solutions, and then asks the same questions repeatedly. Pray that Fraser would be able to set boundaries while still being patient with the person.

At church on Sunday, a member of the congregation from Mbekweni (a township adjoining Wellington) asked for prayer because middle aged men come systematically from Cape Town to kidnap and rape women and girls from the township.

For an unknown reason our water supply was cut off, but it came back on very quickly.