Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons – May 17th – Update 2  (excerpts)

NetACT are exploring ways to work with other similar groups to avoid duplicating efforts and want Fraser to attend meetings in Kenya at the end of September.   

Fraser’s test of the new Mukhanyo library system went well last week.  He is still working towards a deadline of having the system live and running by Monday 3rd July. 

Allandale Restorative Justice is complete.  Men are confessing and taking responsibility for the first time.  Thank God for the 3 women who spoke of the crimes they had experienced and for the men who apologised to them as proxies for their own victims – healing on both sides.

Pray for those who took part in the Restorative Justice course as they go back to ordinary prison life.  Some of our team, former gang members themselves, hugely impacted the RJ men, showing it is possible to leave the gangs, turn to Christ and live a different, fulfilled life.  

A man in Maximum, only eligible for parole if he admits his guilt and apologises to his victim, insists he is innocent and would be lying if he said he committed the crime.  May he have the strength and faith, as a follower of Jesus, to tell the truth, even if it means that he forgoes any chance of parole.

The Restorative Justice process changes lives at a deep level.  Many inmates are crying out for it; frontline prison officers see the difference it makes.  Pray that the Medium A RJ will go ahead and that the person in a high position blocking this and other spiritually beneficial events will be moved aside and a godly person fill the place.