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Jacksons – May 29th – Update 1 (excerpts)

Give thanks for the encouraging Restoration session Dawn and Ashley held on Saturday, despite some last-minute attempts at disruption. We spent the morning looking at how our actions affect others, how the ripple effect of offending is far wider than we like to believe, how distorted patterns of thinking influence the decisions we make and how we can live lives of integrity.

We have decided to call the community outreach Restorative Transformation (RT), aiming to help people transform their lives by restoring relationships on all levels – with themselves, their families and friends, the community and ultimately with God.  

Dawn is having interesting discussions about anger management at Drakenstein.  Thank God several men have felt able to ask personal questions, feeling that the Bible study groups are a safe place.

Pray the participants will apply what they learn to their own lives to make a big difference in the community.

Give thanks for progress Fraser has made on the extension to our church website and for his workshops for the Theological Education Association in Southern Africa conference in Pretoria in June, particularly to pitch them so attendees see the relevance to their local situation(s).