Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons – May 31st – Update 1  (excerpts)

The Mukhanyo library staff are being helpful.   Fraser has two alternative methods to improve things before the system goes live.  He starts the training when he goes in person on 26th June. 

Thank God that Drakenstein Medium A Restorative Justice looks as if it’ll go ahead next week, Monday to Saturday.  Pray there’ll be no last minute hitches.  Many inmates and staff are unwell at Medium A.  There will be over 20 lifers and about 16 others participating – it’s not about being eligible for parole but about changing lives.

Pray that the prison ministry leadership will not cause extra and avoidable stress through lack of forethought, inadequate communications and lack of consideration.

Akhona and Raymond from the Bible study are being released at the weekend.  Pray that they will put into practice what they’ve learned, find a sound and supportive church, jobs and really start new lives.

So many people are struggling with poverty, crime and lack of education and opportunities in South Africa.  Pray that those in positions of leadership will be honest and work for the good of society, not entitled and corrupt.

We had a lovely week with James and his friend who were able to come and stay with us but it’s always so hard when they go.