Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons – May 3rd – Update 1  (excerpts)

Fraser continues to work with data from the old Mukhanyo Library system.   On testing a sample file of 100 records, he could only match 50 from external sources.   Moving the day-to-day running of the NetACT journal to a different organisation is coming to a head, with an important meeting on Thursday.   

Give thanks for answered prayer.  Last week we asked you to pray for Llewelyn in Maximum as his Muslim children stopped visiting him after he showed them his Bible study certificates.  His son visited at the weekend and told him he’d bought a house to give to his father upon his release.  So he would have the necessary address to go to rather than live with the sister-in-law who keeps pursuing him.  God honours those who flee temptation and live godly lives.

Pray that Howard can overcome his pride, start reading his Bible again and for the discipline, courage and awareness not to be sucked back into gang activities by roommates.

Restorative Justice starts on Monday at Allandale prison.  Thank God for the way lives will be changed.  The brother of Chantelle, who will be leading the main sessions, died in a car crash recently.   Pray for her as her scattered family struggles to get together to mourn and support each other.  

Quite a few of the Medium A regulars are due to be released on parole in the next few weeks.  Please pray they would go to places which will not drag them back into crime, find jobs and, most of all, find a Bible-believing church to attend.