Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons – November 15th – Update 2 (excerpts)

The two colleges in Pretoria which Fraser is assisting with library cataloguing both need a lot of help.  Issues with hardware on the ground are causing headaches and Fraser is limited in how much he can do remotely. 

Another college in Potchefstroom reached out to Fraser for help but hasn’t responded to his initial response. Fraser must know if he needs to incorporate them in his scheduling.  He is frantically trying to balance his time between six different projects now.

The Head of Drakenstein Maximum has given the go-ahead to the new music initiative. Pray that the ocarinas will arrive safely from the USA – the best place to order them from.  May music touch the men and open feelings and abilities they didn’t realise they had.

Many more men in Maximum want to start the Explore the Bible course.  Pray they will learn to apply Jesus’ teaching to their own lives and continue thinking and questioning customs they take for granted.  After Dawn mentioned how some Nigerian churches turned women away for wearing trousers, even if they were genuine seekers, one man asked if more restrictions are put on women than on men (they all agreed such behaviour wasn’t right).

Alexander, an ex-gangster prison ministry colleague of Dawn’s, has written a short testimony about his life and of how God has changed him. Now he’s dedicated to serving God and to being as good a husband and father as he can be.

Pray for those who live in townships and areas where violence has become the norm and life is lived in a constant low-level warzone.