Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons – November 1st – Update 1 (excerpts)

Give thanks for the excitement and joy when a college wants to do something advanced, gets a long list of complicated instructions from Fraser, follows them perfectly and can provide resources to their students. (Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary in Windhoek)

Fraser has just started helping the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Pretoria. The librarian’s computer was stolen last week. 

Justo Mwale University in Zambia is going through hard times just now. 

Another small theology college in South Africa has reached out to Fraser for help. 

Dawn had 2 lively sessions at Drakenstein Maximum and Medium A on Self Control in Saving and what the Bible has to say.

A man in Maximum, when he was a juvenile and awaiting trial, prayed to Jesus Christ (whom he did not know) promising that if the case was dropped he would follow him. The case was dropped; the man forgot his promise. Next time, the same thing happened. Before the next trial, he heard the Lord say, “No. This time you go to prison so that you can truly repent and follow me.” The man got a long sentence but is now one of the most enthusiastic members of the Bible study.

A couple of the men in the Medium A Bible study are being released on parole very soon. Pray they find a good Christian community and not forget all they’ve been taught in prison. Pray they find jobs and make most of the new chance.