Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons – November 29th – Update 1 (excerpts)

Things have been going more smoothly for Fraser as he finalised manuals he needed for providing training for a Seminary in Pretoria this week.  He arrived there safely, and the training got off to a good start.  Pray the week will be beneficial for all, for the rest of his time there, especially delivering training on one part of the system for the first time and for safe travel home on Saturday.

He and the editor are working hard to produce the next issue of the NetACT journal by mid-December.  The British Library recently suffered a massive cyber-attack, and is still not available for other libraries to access its catalogue records online – a problem for several colleges Fraser supports which rely on the British Library to get good catalogue records for their books.

Thank God for the desire of Drakenstein inmates to draw closer to the Lord and have the courage to change, even if foregoing the “privileges” of criminal behaviour inside.  The Lord really is behind it all.

Dawn needs strength to do everything whilst Fraser is away and wisdom for us as we talk to those God puts in our paths.  Though Dawn got a puncture on the way home from the airport, it was just outside Wellington and close to someone who was able to help and change the tyre.

The Boland office of Dawn’s local area seems less provided for in finance and personnel than Cape Town and especially Pollsmoor, though we have many prisons here.  Since 2020, more staff and volunteers have left than have been recruited. A Pollsmoor stalwart (ex-gangster, a man who connects with the inmates) wants to move his family to Wellington to help here – an answer to prayer for a backup for Dawn in Drakenstein? The fields are ready but there are so few workers.