Jacksons, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Jacksons – October 18th – Update 2 (excerpts)

Fraser is developing good working relationships with the Lutheran Theological Seminary staff in Pretoria.  The staff need to do more groundwork on the physical stock before the system can be further developed.  He is also grateful for the quiet times when he can move forward with the work whose smooth running can make such a difference in the life of academic establishments.

He is also delighted that everything has gone smoothly with the tax authorities for the church’s returns.

At Drakenstein Bible studies, Dawn continues with God and money matters. 2 weeks ago, a man was given an extra phonecard at the shop. Often overcharged, he thought he’d say nothing and keep it. He thought again and returned to the prison shop to repay the money. The man was impressed by his honesty and let him keep it.

Another man asked if it was wrong to accept sugar stolen by someone else from the kitchen. Thank God they are wrestling with practical issues. May they have the insight to see the wrong path and the courage to change.

Dawn could join another marginalised community in town. Pray for wisdom as she tries to introduce community members to Jesus in a loving way.

Only 4 men came to Maximum Bible study today.  One said he wished it could be like that every week for more personal discussion about their issues.  It was only after incarceration that they truly met Jesus and learned about the importance of the Bible. Six men have applied for the George Whitfield Explore the Bible course.  Pray that they would be accepted and benefit from this sound course.

A prison ministry colleague longs to reach out to gang members in his area and do an RJ/reconciliation course with them before they’re incarcerated.  He would like Dawn to be involved.