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Jacksons Update 15th Aug 2017

Jacksons August Update 2

Give thanks to God for he is good.

The applications for visas are in at a cost of just over £70.  Please pray that our certificates will be granted this week and arrive safely with us in the UK.  We were able to have our obligatory chest x-rays done for £85 altogether.

We have been offered accommodation about half an hour from NetACT’s base at Stellenbosch University.  They run courses in social reformation which sounds like something Dawn could get involved with.

NetACT is interdenominational and is made up of partner colleges including those belonging to the Evangelical Church of West Africa, the Anglican Church in Kenya, Presbyterians and several others. These colleges are located in several countries including Uganda, Burundi, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Mozambique.

Pray that the South African immigration authorities will find our applications completely acceptable.